CCTP 회원 신청서 (CCTP Membership Application)

* CCTP DEPT. You wish to be involved in / CCTP에서 섬기고 싶은 분야
 행정 (Administration) 홍보 및 대외협 (Marketing & Communications) 기금모금 (Fundraising) 교육훈련 (Education and Training) 음악 (Music Art) 미술 및 영상 (Visual Art) 문학 (Literature) 연극 (Performance) 패션 (Fashion) 사진 (Photography) 건축 (Architecture) 기타 (Others)

* Membership Fee Choice / 회비선택
 Monthly $10 (월 10불) Yearly $120 (연 120불) Optional Giving (특별후원)

I, as a member of CCTP, agree to the mission and vision of CCTP and keep its rules and regulations and eventually would like to contribute to the creation and transformation of Christian culture by actively participating in activities of CCTP.

본인은 CCTP 회원으로서 CCTP의 사명과 비전에 동의하고 CCTP의 관련 규약을 준수하며, CCTP활동에 적극적으로 참여함으로써 크리스찬 문화창조 및 변혁활동에 이바지하고자 합니다.